European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI)

EMPIR, the successor EMRP programme, will contribute to a number of flagship initiatives under EUROPE 2020 that are affected by metrology
research, including ‘Innovation Union’, ‘A digital agenda for Europe’, ‘Resource-efficient Europe’ and ‘An industrial policy for the globalisation era’. It will do this by developing innovative solutions for the management of natural resources, by supporting the standardisation process that enables global trade opportunities for new products and services and by allowing the efficient testing of communication satellites, for example. EMPIR will strongly contribute to achieving the objectives of Horizon 2020 by supporting topics ofdirect relevance for a number of Horizon 2020 priorities.

The proposed initiative EMPIR will be based on Article 185 of the TFEU. The conclusions of the interim evaluation and an analysis of the options in the impact assessment have demonstrated that Article 185 is the most a ppropriate means for achieving the objectives of EMPIR. The proposal will simplify the administrative procedures for public authorities and bodies(EU or national) and for private parties.
The EU will deal directly with the dedicated implementation structure of EMPIR, which will be in charge of allocating, monitoring and reporting on the use of the EU’s contribution


  • Provide integrated and fit-for-purpose metrology solutions supporting innovation and industrial competitiveness and measurement technologies to tackle societal challenges such as health, environment and energy including support to policy development and implementation;
  • Create an integrated European Metrology Research system with critical mass and active engagement at regional, national, European and international level
Target Group
Demonstration and investment activities
Source Regions
European Union
Source Countries
Eligible Regions
Eligible Countries
Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine
Grant Types
Cooperation, collaboration
Funding Bodies
Arabic, English, French, Russian
Support Types
Deadline Date
Programme Owner
Managing Authority
Legal Source
Proposal for a Regulation of the european Parliament and of the council establishing a European Neighbourhood Instrument
Supporting Programme
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Proposal Submission


EMPIR shall be implemented on the basis of annual work plans.
The joint implementation of EMPIR requires an implementation structure. The participating states have agreed on the implementation structure for EMRP and set up in 2007 EURAMET e.V. (hereinafter "EURAMET"), the European Regional Metrology Organisation and a non-profit association under German law.

The Union’s financial contribution should be subject to formal commitments from the participating states to contribute to the implementation of EMPIR and fulfilment of those commitments. Participating states’contributions to EMPIR should include a contribution to administrative costs within a ceiling of 5% of the budget of EMPIR.
Participating states should commit to increase, if necessary, their contribution to EMPIR by a reserve funding capability of 50 % to ensure that they are able to fund EN their national entities (National Metrology Institutesand Designated Institutes) participating in the selected projects.  Member States' contributions are made through institutional funding of the NMI and the Designated Institutes (DI) participating in EMPIR projects and financial contributions to the administrative costs of EMPIR.
EURAMET shall provide financial support mainly in the form of grants to participants following calls for proposals.Before identifying the topics of each call for proposals, EURAMET shall invite interested individuals ororganisations from the metrology research community and users to suggest potential research topic.

Terms And Conditions

Legal Basis - Decision No 555/2014/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 May 2014 on the participation of the Union in a European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR) jointly undertaken by several Member States Text with EEA relevance

maximum EUR 300 million

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Open To
Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France,Croatia, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands,Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania,Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey