Europa Media Grants Portal

EM Grants Portal is the new service portal developed by Europa Media. The scope of the portal is to provide information to interested researchers, managers on the available funding opportunities in the European Union and Worldwide. Europa Media has been working in the field of international collaboration for several years when we realised that there is no portal collecting all the funding opportunities open for European researchers. Therefore we collected grant schemes and funding programmes open in the European Union and in third countries available for researchers based in the EU and/or worldwide. Such broad geographical coverage distinquishes the EM Grants Portal from other databases. The portal does not contain an exhaustive list of the grants, but we will work on extending it continuously with the help of the managing authorities.

The Portal has unique features: a comprehensive search engine targeting PhD students, researchers, universities and research organizations; an interactive funding map, enabling the visitors to find funding based on the geographic eligibility and a list of useful links on mobility and funds for international researchers.

Europa Media was founded in 2003 by two individuals who wanted to share their experience gained in proposal development and project management under EU programmes with other interested parties. The EU funding system is complex and the competition to get a project financed by the EU is tough. Specific knowledge, well-established networks and certain skills are needed to successfully get involved in these competitive projects.

Europa Media’s mission has thus been to provide clear and structured information about EU funding and improve the skills of people in project development and management. This way, scientists, engineers, enterprises, non-governmental organizations and other individuals with excellent ideas can turn these ideas into successful project proposals, and obtain the necessary skills to cope with the administrative and reporting requirements of EU-funded projects. Nowadays, more than 15 people are working to support individuals and organizations in international collaboration within EU projects.

Our services include developing and managing information portals on EU funds, organising e-training courses, producing electronic and paper-based publications such as guideline documents and comprehensive handbooks on EU proposal development and project management. We share our experience through websites, social networks, blogs and other online and offline media. We are also collecting other publications and ask the expert opinion of other experienced managers.